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Join WARN: Free Membership
Weather Awareness Resource Network is very serious about what we are trying to achieve. By showing your support this will be the first step towards realizing the goals we are all dedicated to. We thank you for your support of W.A.R.N. by coming to this membership page to join in our efforts.

As a W.A.R.N. member, you will have access to additional information and resources available only to members in the Members Only area of the site, such as being able to receive free Weather Advisories and Warnings in your email or reduced cost pager notification services, etc.

Membership Policies & Procedures
1. The Weather Awareness Resource Network reserves the right to terminate any member at any time at it's discretion.
2. We have a strict no spam policy which it will enforce. Anyone found violating this policy will be terminated from the Weather Awareness Resource Network.

Members must receive authorization from the Weather Awareness Resource Network before conducting any special projects i.e.:

  • Interviews with or contacting television or radio stations.
  • Interviews with or contacting newspapers.
  • Special projects with schools.
  • Fund raisers.
  • Meetings with state or local officials.
4. All ordering of materials to be distributed will be done by the Weather Awareness Resource Network.
5. All members get prior permission from Weather Awareness Resource Network before posting advertisements for the express reason of recruiting members or advertising W.A.R.N.
6. Weather Awareness Resource Network members are expressly forbidden from adding to the materials supplied and approved by the Weather Awareness Resource Network for distribution without the express permission of the Weather Awareness Resource Network.
7. All members who will be distributing or ordering materials must have reached their 18th birthday. A member under 18 years of age who is interested in ordering and distributing W.A.R.N. approved materials must have submitted a signed parental consent form available on this site.
8. Everyone is welcome to join Weather Awareness Resource Network regardless of age, race, religion, national origin or gender. Weather Awareness Resource Network does not discriminate.
9. Any member requesting large amounts of materials for distribution must have ample room in their home to house the materials requested.
10. All Weather Awareness Resource Network members will be known as a volunteer and will not expect monitory compensation for their time or labor put forth.
11. Anyone receiving materials for distribution should make all efforts to distribute said materials within one month of receiving said materials.

Weather Awareness Resource Network members may in no way shape or form destroy any materials shipped to them. In the event that a member terminates their relationship with Weather Awareness Resource Network or is no longer able to fulfill the job of distributing materials because of personal or business related reasons, must notify the Weather Awareness Resource Network so any unused materials can be redistributed to another members.

13. Weather Awareness Resource Network members are requested to distribute approved materials within their communities to the greatest extent that they are able to do, once per month if possible. This is by no means mandatory, however please make every effort to schedule enough time to get the materials out to the public. If you want to help people in your community the information must get into the publics hands. The more information that is distributed the closer to achieving our goals we will be.
14. Weather Awareness Resource Network requires certain information from members, this information includes their first and last name, address, home phone number and email address if they are online. Any potential member not wishing to make the above information available to W.A.R.N. will not be considered for membership. Your information will remain confidential and will not be sold or given to anyone outside of the Weather Awareness Resource Network, except as needed to fill your request for brochure/poster distribution materials.
15. Weather Awareness Resource Network has made every effort to guarantee that members ordering information are either over the age of 18 or that the Weather Awareness Resource Network has a parental consent form on file allowing a minor to order and distribute approved materials. Thus Weather Awareness Resource Network, it's officers and/or members will not be held liable for any member that chooses not to disclose their true adult/minor status to us.
Completing the Application
If you are not yet 18 years old we would still love to have you as a member, however we will need the parental consent section of the form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian. We encourage parents to be involved with their children in helping Weather Awareness Resource Network achieve the goals set forth in our mission statement. Your signing of the form will allow your child to order materials from W.A.R.N. for distribution within the community you live in. Please understand that when materials are ordered in large quantities you must have room in your house to store these materials until they can be distributed, these materials are very expensive and are supplied at no charge to the members.
Membership Application
For Adults
Membership Application
For Students (Minors)
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