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What is the Weather Awareness Resource Network?
The Weather Awareness Resource Network has members who volunteer their time to help educate the general public on the dangers of severe weather to help minimize the loss of life and property.

What agencies support W.A.R.N. cause?
W.A.R.N. is pleased to have many well-known organizations supporting its cause. Some of these are the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.), the American Red Cross, All-State Insurance, State Farm Insurance, and Stormwarn.

What does a member of W.A.R.N. do?
Members of the Weather Awareness Resource Network help inform the public on the dangers of severe weather by handing out brochures, books, and videotapes. We even have coloring books for school children. All of these resources have been given to W.A.R.N., free of charge, and are available to all W.A.R.N. members to hand out. These are available in the Members Area of the site.

How does W.A.R.N. communicate with their members?
W.A.R.N. communicates with their members in many ways. Immediate or important updates will be posted in the announcement section on the welcome page. We invite all members of W.A.R.N. to ask questions or to share ideas on how to make W.A.R.N. a more efficient organization.

How do I order materials?
W.A.R.N. members may order brochures/posters and complete and print W.A.R.N. specific letters for distribution. These are available in the Members Only Area of our site.

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